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  • Our congratulations to the winners of the grants for young scientists!

Our congratulations to the winners of the grants for young scientists!

  • Sergey Potapov, "Metagenomic chracteristics of the viral community in Lake Baikal"
  • Maria Bashenkhaeva, "The study of the taxonomic structure of free-living and attached bacterial communities and finding the pathways of their metabolism in the ice of Lake Baikal in areas with different hydrological regimes"
  • Elena Sukhanova, "Enzymatic and antibiotic properties of natural microorganisms and assessment of their biotechnological potential"
  • Aleksandra Zakharenko, "Psychrophilic methanotrophic bacteria in the water column of Lake Baikal"
  • Alexey Morozov, "Confirmation and analysis of intragenic multiplications in diatoms"
  • Artem Marchenkov, "The study of sit-m gene expression in the freshwater pennate diatom Synedra ulna subsp. danica (Kütz.) Skabitsch"
  • Sergey Bukin, "The study of the nature of the non-standard contribution of the main methanogenesis pathways to the overall methane production in the bottom sediments of Lake Baikal"
  • Agnia Galachyants, "Characterization of the bacterial community from the surface microlayer of Lake Baikal: structure, variability and metabolic activity"
  • Anna Bessudova, "Scaled chrysophytes in the plankton of the East Siberian water bodies of different types"
  • Tatiana Mayor, "The study of the phylogeny and morphology of the cyclopes Diacyclops versutus (Mazepova, 1961), D. improcerus (Mazepova, 1950) and D. galbinus (Mazepova, 1961) (Copepoda: Cyclopoida) from Lake Baikal"